The Dimensional Model Of Personality Disorders

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Personality disorders are psychological conditions marked by disruptive and persistent patterns of behavior that damage social functioning. A person suffering from a personality disorder may not even recognize that they have a problem. Unlike other mental illnesses, personalities are often considered to be chronic and permanent patterns that create no visible problem in life. Not only can personality disorders be difficult to diagnose and understand, but also individuals with these behavior problems may potentially be dangerous. For thousands of years, scientists have been studying human personality characteristics, but the concept of personality disorders is a relatively newer idea. Probably the most recognized and distressing personality…show more content…
Those with this disorder also tend to steal, act impulsively, and have no regards for their own safety or…show more content…
The model consists of a range of levels for certain personality traits and requires a rating of the individual on each dimension. The dimensional model would assess the patient with the intent of observing their high rankings of a particular trait rather than to diagnose the patient with a specific disorder. For adults, there are not many specific treatments for antisocial personality disorder other than talk therapy. However, there are some promising interventions for children and adolescents whose minds and brains are more malleable and adaptable. Due to this, the best way to treat antisocial personality disorder may be trying to prevent it. According to psychiatrist Donald W. Black (2015), many kids diagnosed with conduct disorder are at high risk for developing antisocial personalities as adults. By identifying warning signs early on and by assisting these kids and families to correct their disruptive behavior and remove negative influences, some of their impulsiveness could be redirected into healthier life
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