The Dinner Was Laid, If The Words Of Gulnar Were Sustenance,

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The dinner was laid, if the words of Gulnar were sustenance, I would never be ravenous. I like zealous gobblers started tearing apart the Romali Roti, gulping the Paneer Butter Masala, Makhani Dal, Navratan Korma with assorted salad and took no time in gluttonizing the food. Gulnar who was a witness to my overindulgence and was enjoying with a smile, speaking great about the food and simultaneously exhorting me to take more and more. I didn’t realize she was teasing me however, I am sure she more likely than not appreciated my indulgence. After the dinner, we thought to take a walk and permitted her to complete the story for the day.
“Badri would come on alternative days and have sex with me leaving Manjari dry. This began giving a …show more content…

I started hooking rich and wealthy, some would take me to their homes, some in the hotel and some would do the act in their cars. I kept writing down their details and after two months Badri asked me to give the details of my clients with whom I had slept”.
“One fine morning a police constable came to our flat and asked me to go with him as Badri asked for me. The moment I reached the police station I was aghast to find ten people with whom I had my nights, sitting in a room on the floor like vagabonds. A police officer called one by one in my presence and declared that this woman has lodged a complaint against them for raping her. The moment he said, momentarily my head began to swing and if a policeman standing close to me had not supported me, I would have stuck the floor. Immediately without pressurizing my gray matter I understood what precisely the approach Badri had on his psyche. Everyone pleaded with the tears in their eyes and folded hands to spare them and with everybody the police officer had negotiation and let them off after getting a handsome amount of money. This proceeded for the following three days and to my surprise on a day a father and son of the same family were there with whom I

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