My Norm Violation To Order My Culture

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I believe what Garfinkel means in background assumptions is how we commonly go throughout the day and the order we do things in. In my norm violation I am going to not follow the order my culture eats dinner in. The norm violation I decided to do is ordering dessert first at a restaurant.This is a norm violation because you are suppose to order your appetizer first, then your entree and lastly your dessert. I decided that Fender’s Diner would be an excellent place to do my experiment. I dine here a good bit and usually order their salads so this will be different for me. Fenders Diner is a locally owned restaurant known for its 1950’s Rock n’ Roll American theme. On a Sunday after church lets out is when I decided to do to do my ethnomethodology experiment. I also brought my sister who is known for her sweet tooth. As we sit down at our table our slightly overweight waiter immediately greets us. We order chocolate milkshakes and our waiter smiles and says, “Wait! No lemon water this time?” This is the first reaction we received. It made me feel a little nervous because if he is already reacting to our drinks, how is he going to react to the rest of the dinner. After we receive our milkshakes we ordered our ice cream brownie delux. Our waiter laughs and asks if that would be all. I explain to him that we would still like an entree but that we want our dessert first. We then order a burger and some fries. He then warns us that we may start looking like him if we keep this up this diet. This made me uncomfortable because I was unsure how to respond…show more content…
I do not believe anyone felt too uncomfortable and that even some wished they had their dessert first too. We ended up telling our waiter that it was an experiment and he said he was glad to be apart of it. I felt like this was a very positive thing to do although slightly
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