The Director's Notes on Richard III Essay

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The Director's Notes on Richard III

I think that the thing which makes this scene so powerful is the fact that Anne gives in to Richard’s ways after she knows that he killed her husband and her father-in-law. What makes it even more powerful is that we, the audience, find it hard to believe a modern woman would give in to Richard that quickly, or at all. Also we know that the only reason he is trying to marry her is to get closer to the crown. We know this because he says:

‘‘The readiest way to make the wench amends

Is to become her husband and her father,

The which will I, not all so much for love,

As for another secret close intent’’ I think that in this scene, Richard is so …show more content…

This is because he thinks he wouldn’t have a chance because of the murders he had committed towards Anne’s family and because he really puts him self down about his deformity. This is made more dramatic by the fact that the war has only just ended and people who are watching Richard dance about and shaking his hand are very upset about the loved ones which they lost during the war.

During the part of the scene where Anne and Richard are together, the technique of ‘‘wooing’’ Anne which I thought was best was when he laid his breast open to her to kill him with a blade but she drops it and he says: ‘‘take up the sword again or take up me’’. But then she replies ‘‘I will not be thy executioner’’. As this did not work he then says ‘‘Then bid me kill myself and I will do it’’. At this point Richards technique backfires on him because she says in reply ‘‘I have already’’. Now Richard has to think fast and put his skills into action and smoothly replies,

‘‘That was in thy rage.

Speak it again, and even with the word,

This hand, which for thy love did kill thy love,

Shall for thy kill a far truer love,

To both their deaths shalt thou be accessory.

The video which I think was most believable about Anne marrying Richard had to be the Laurence Olivia version. This is because it is set back in the real

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