The Disadvantage Of Women

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Women for centuries have been labeled as oppressed and that they should be able to cook, clean, and take care of their families; however, today women must also have a job. If she is not able to do any of these she is considered negatively different from the norm. Although a lot of girls today have been taught and raised not to be oppressed, yet there are situations that remain that cause females to feel or seen as a disadvantage. In different places of the word there are societies that do not allow women to be independent. A woman not being able to stand up for herself is a common practice to this day. Women for many decades have been encountering against trying to be independent, have equality, and be accepted as different. There has always been a saying that women need to behave and act a certain way. Unfortunately, that is still the case for a mass of people. In “Age, Race, Class and Sex: Women Redefining Difference” it states that “we find ourselves having to repeat and relearn the same old lessons over and over that our mothers did because we do not pass on what we have learned, or because we are unable to listen” (Lorde). Many cultures have evolved and have become open minded or starting to, but the topic of women has always been the same. In many places in the world our mothers have been taught not to say anything about injustice against them, which teaches their daughters to do the same. Since those daughters are not taught to stand up for themselves, it passes

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