The Discovery Of Oil And Its Impact On The Environment

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The discovery of oil has led to an abundance of new opportunities that have helped people create new inventions with the biggest being the automobile. Major corporations have arisen from “The impact of oil derived, in large part, from its attractiveness as an energy-dense, easily deliverable source of fuel for transportation.” Oil is sometimes coined the term black gold because of its value. Corporations like Chevron have made billions of dollars in the oil industry. With the rise of oil, the destruction of the environment has also become a serious issue in some parts of the world. Oil spills that have taken place in the gulf and in the forests have had a huge impact on both the people and wildlife that have lived around these affected areas. Black streaks of oil are seen in the sand in some beaches still to this day and. But these are just some of the major environmental disasters oil companies like Chevron are responsible for. Chevron has also made an impact on the environment around its refineries, and it is not a positive impact. The waste that comes out of these refineries is dumped into the ocean, rivers, and these toxic waste sites severely hurt the environment in the process. One of the biggest issue the company faces, is with the country of Ecuador where a lawsuit was filed against Texaco, which was acquired by Chevron in 2001. The corporation was blamed for the mass pollution across the Amazon after the company left the refineries with mass traces of toxic waste

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