The Discovery Of Sun Falcon

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• Sun Falcon was celebrated by lots of ancient Americans. He was buried in Cahokia during rituals by the Cahokians. He was buried looking up toward the live-giving sunlight. Falcon was buried in the mound with 207 other people. • Archaeologists were attracted to Cahokia because of the many earthen mounds that were built in the region by ancient Americans. • Monks Mound was known as the largest single structure that was created by ancient North Americans. • Artifacts are studied by both historians and archaeologists. Physical objects are what archaeologists focus on, while historians focus on things like writings. • In Central America, China, and Egypt, writing derived between the ancient peoples in these places around 8,000 years ago. • The ancient people who were alive during the time of the millennia, didn’t work with writing to interact across time and space, the way we did. They created a variety of different spoken languages. • Since these ancient people did not work with writing, this made an obstacle for the archaeologists; who had to create artifacts to help with their studies. They did all they could do, except ignore what can’t be ignored: ancient Americans’ past events. • In the Western Hemisphere, the very first people to appear departed from Asia. • Large mammals were hunted down, like mammoths by the first Americans. Asia and Europe is where they learned to how kill them. They also knew how to butcher, process for building materials,

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