The Discovery Of The Structure Of Dna

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Rosalind Franklin and her Contribution to the Structure of DNA
Specific Purpose: To enable the audience to reflect on how Rosalind Franklin contributed to the discovery of the structure of DNA.
I. Open with Impact: Could you having a significant role in one of the greatest scientific achievements of all time, but not getting credit for it? Not only that, but constantly putting yourself in harm’s way to make this discovery, and eventually dying because of it?
II. Thesis Statement: Despite facing difficult circumstances on the journey to become a scientist and actually being a scientist, Rosalind Franklin made advances in x-ray diffraction techniques; she produced extremely fine beam of x-rays, allowing her to extract finer DNA fibers than ever seen before, allowing her to discover crucial keys to DNA 's structure.
III. Connect with Audience: The discovery of DNA and the understanding of its structure could arguably be the most important discovery of the last century. The effect of the discovery of DNA on scientific and medical processes has been massive; whether it involves the identification of our genes that trigger major diseases or the creation and manufacture of drugs to treat these devastating diseases.
IV. Credibility Statement: Throughout high school I took many science classes, and when learning about DNA, the credit goes to Watson and Crick. Upon further research, I learned about Rosalind Franklin’s contributions and how she receives little credit,
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