The Disitive And Positive Implications Of The Information Age

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The information age is the period characterized by computerization and information. With automation and the passing of years, people tend towards being more curious regarding digging out of hidden secrets. Additionally, technology has improved keeping up with changing lifestyles and growing population. However, it is difficult to agree or disagree that with the coming of the information age comes the loss of crucial historical information. Consequently, many will agree that information age has both negative and positive implications on the world of history or the past. Understanding the positive and the negative repercussions, however, require that one extensively understands the past, present, and can predict the future. It seems that no one can provide a legitimate answer to this question without proper knowledge of historical information and the information age. Unlike in the past, advances in technology have promoted better research on our history. Vincent (35) argues that who love researching the past, have benefited from the modern day’s technology that has contributed to practical results. Such people include Historians, paleontologists, archeologists, and geologists among others. For instance, the identification of cues hidden beneath the earth’s surface has become possible and more accessible given the presence of digital innovations. Digital innovations have promoted the use of unique equipment such as laser scanners and X-rays for clue detection. Another useful

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