The Dispute Regarding African History From African and Europenan Perspectives

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Currently in the XXI century, several researchers are still trying to study and discover more about the history of Africa, which is a huge continent with historical, cultural, linguistic, racial and geographical diversity. However the methods used to discover the history of a continent varies among European or African historians. Such researchers have different ways of seeing what really proves the history of the people, if the best way is by vivid history, archaeological, written or oral records. Due to the different point of view of European nation, that prefer to believe in concrete materials for study like written sources, arises the doubt whether Africa actually had real history is the past and not just after the colonization by them, when the population was ‘’educated’’ in European models and started to make written registration of their history.
A further study about Africa can reveal all its cultural and historical richness. Their knowledge about land management, the discovery of agriculture in the Sahara desert 5000b.c, the development of livestock in regions of southern Africa as in Kenya(1). In addition the north of Africa is been considered the oldest region of the earth. Charles Darwin studies about the human evolution and archaeological sources shows that this region was probably the first one where Homo sapiens appeared(1). Detailed studies about African history can brings the knowledge about the development of the north Africa and how the islamism in regions

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