The Dissolution Of Marriage Is Often An Emotionally Draining

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The dissolution of marriage is often an emotionally draining and stressful situation to all parties involved. It is the demise of hopes and dreams that the couple once shared together. Divorce brings several changes to a once unified family. Additionally, the financial and legal disputes are extensive, along with mediation and custody schedules if children are involved. Divorce forces people into a new way of life, with the brokenness of the marriage that lingers on, long after it is dissolved. Divorce is not an easy decision to make, but many couples believe it is the only answer to get away from the hurt, betrayal, resentment, or the lack of love and communication they endured in the marriage.
Divorce no longer carries the stigma it did
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These are only a few of the countless reasons that lead to divorce. It is not an overnight decision that ends a marriage. It is problems that never get resolved over time, and the resentment, hurt and anger builds in one another to the point of no return.
Communication weighs heavily in any relationship, but more importantly in a marriage, because vows were exchanged and promises were made to not be broken. When couples don’t communicate effectively, they expose the marriage to incessant difficulties. Often, couples choose to look the other way when there is conflict. They avoid the issue at hand, and problems fester with no resolution. This consequently leads to the breakdown of the marriage. The lack of communication is damaging, and leaves the couple unable to overcome their problems. When a spouse feels they are not listened to, or validated in their opinions, they become resentful. One spouse may feel insignificant to the other spouse, and that eliminates their desire to communicate. When a spouse is constantly nagging, the opposite spouse will shut down emotionally, and disregard anything else that is said. When this happens, they are no longer communicating, compromising, or showing respect to one another, and this causes discord between the two. There are instances where people are not good at communicating their feelings in any relationship, unfortunately, within a marriage

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