The Divine Comedy By Virgil And Dante

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Relationships come in many forms with varying troubles and blessings. In the book, The Divine Comedy, two of the main characters, Virgil and Dante, can have a seemingly simple relationship, but when closely examined and reflected on, it is actually quite complex. They venture through the depths of hell, the complications of a long journey, and the perplexing reality of purgatory. Throughout their relationship they are faced with different gains and trials that they react to in various ways. Their circumstances are always changing and the course is rough, but throughout the entirety of their venture together, there remains one constant element, and that is the love they share in their relationship. It is outwardly expressed through their actions and words throughout the entirety of the book. The question I came across in reading The Divine Comedy is: "Why does Dante use different terms to address Virgil? What do they mean or what is their significance? How does the development of their relationship affect the story as a whole?" The most common name used by Dante is "My guide", which is the most logical name he would use to call Virgil. This is because Virgil is leading Dante through all these different journeys, taking every step right by his side. Virgil has an understanding of Dante 's uncertainty, and takes him under his wing. He was chosen for Dante to guide him and that is why Dante uses the possessive "my" to refer to him because Virgil was specifically provided
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