The Doctrine Of Manifest Destiny By John Louis O ' Sullivan

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During the first half of the 19th century, the United States experienced westward expansion into territories, like Oregon, Texas, and California. The main incitement for the expansion was the Doctrine of Manifest Destiny. In 1845 an American columnist, John Louis O’Sullivan, introduced the term “Manifest Destiny,” which applied to the idea that America was destined to expand. According to the doctrine, America had a God given right to expand its democratic institution because Americans were morally and racially superior to the uncivilized people in their way of expansion. Therefore, O’Sullivan and many others used the phrase “Manifest Destiny” to promote and justify the annexation of Texas and the Oregon Country to the United States. As a result, the idea of westward expansion led to the events, such as the victory of James K. Polk in the United States’ presidential campaign in 1844, the United States’ treaty with Britain over Oregon, the Mexican American War, and the revival of the issue of slavery in the United States. Throughout the United States’ presidential election of 1844, many Americans strongly believed that God had manifestly destined the United States for expansion to spread their democratic institutions across the entire continent. In addition, the annexation of Texas had become a huge topic opened to discussion. The Whig party had nominated Henry Clay as their candidate. However, his position on Texas was confusing, so it hurt his chance to be elected.

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