The Doctrine Of The Trinity

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Many would agree that the Trinity is one of the most complex and difficult of the Christian doctrines to fully understand. It is tough for many to process the complete meaning of the Trinity. Is it three different people? Are they all God himself? If we believe that God is “entirely other” it may make it easier to fully understand the concept of the Trinity and to answers these questions that numerous Christian’s have. Often, it is difficult for us to explain Heavenly concepts that we cannot physically see for ourselves. The Trinity is important to understand and to building our faith. Powell writes, “As Christians many of us highly prize the doctrine of the Trinity but have no idea why it is so important.” We should cling to the Trinity but first we must comprehend what is meant by this doctrine. The idea of the Holy Trinity is made up of three beings- the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Allen puts it simply, that the Image of God exists in community, and we are social beings made in the image of God (111). We must think of God as three-in-one, the Trinity is important to our growing in faith. There are three persons in one God. The problem with many individuals is that often become confused with the interworking of the Holy Trinity. Someone who understands the Trinity should not see God as three separate individuals, but rather one God with three Persons who will serve for different roles. The three separate persons work in a way in which they interweave with

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