The Dokdo Dispute Between South Korea and Japan

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Dokdo Dispute An enduring dispute over Dokdo Island has proven difficult to resolve. Japan and Korea have been having an argument over the island for sovereignty ever since 1910 (South). This island has three names, Dokdo, Takeshima, and Liancourt. Dokdo, a solitary island, is a Korean name for this island. Takeshima, a Bamboo Island, is what Japanese call it. Both Japan and South Korea uses historical facts to support their claims for the island (Profile). To what extent is the dispute between Korea and Japan an issue about resources versus history? South Korea claims that Liancourt Island was originally their territory ever since Kim Isabu conquered the island (우산국). After the liberation from Japan, South Korean government argues they got the island back from Japan and got an official approve by Japan in 1696. In 1900, Uldo County possessed the island, but Japan took over the island when they colonized South Korea. However after World War 1, Japan returned Dokdo to Korea. On a government website (The Foreign Office of Dokdo) says, that Dokdo belongs to Korea in terms of history and geography (Profile). Korea supports their argument with historical contents.
Due to the various evidences from different antique map, Dokdo belongs to Korean territory before the modern days. Japan, who launched 1904 Russo-Japanese Wars, used 한일의정서, a treatment between Korea and Japan about allowing Japan to create a facilities of army on our territory during the war, as an excuse for their
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