The Double Consciousness Of African Americans

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The Double Consciousness of African-Americans Envision that you live in a place where you feel like you belong there, but because on the outside you look different the majority resents you. The Souls of Black Folks by W.E.B. Du Bois written in 1903 consists of a collection of short essays that convey the important aspects of African-American history. Throughout the novel there are two main themes. One is that African-American’s lived and experienced moments from behind a veil, and the other is that they lived with a double consciousness. For the reader to fully understand these themes, Du Bois writes of situations, in every essay, that blacks had to endure that they are different. The first chapter provides the reader with a first hand experience of Du Bois when he found out in elementary school that he is different. In the second chapter he goes on to analyze this problem and he realizes that “ the problem of the twentieth Century is the problem of the Color line” (Du Bois, 13). The invisible line that separates the two races from each other and is primary reason for injustice. The third chapter is about Booker T. Washington who believed that the blacks need to focus more on education in order to be successful, and they should give up on political power, civil rights, and higher education (Du Bois, 44). Further into the novel Du Bois explains how the industrialization of America has changed the philosophy of wealth and that as demand for the work force increased the
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