The Downfall Of The French Social Structure And Civilisation

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Eighteenth century Europe, the French monarchy maintains a long and historic past, but with the introduction of a naive King, the downfall of the French social structure and civilisation is certain. A country in economic crisis, falling into severe poverty with a selfish Monarch far from finding a solution; for the French population of 1789 this was enough to spark a revolution. Justified by the ideals of equality and freedom for all an uprising like never seen in Europe before engulfed France; lead predominantly by the Jacobin party, who through the enforcement of the Terror policy were able to justify the execution of an estimated 40,000 people including the Royal family, for the sake of protecting the revolution and liberty for France. However, the plausibility of the reasoning 's behind the Terror can be questioned as documents such as The Declaration of Rights of Man speak out against each process of 'justice ' implemented during the terror.

With the formation of the national assembly began the rise or Maximilien Robespierre and the Jacobin party . The Society of the Friends of the Constitution commonly known as the Jacobin Club was one of the most famous and influential political clubs in the development of the French Revolution, who we 're involved in discussions from the form of the National Assembly until the rise of Napoleon . The Jacobin 's embodied the most radical ideas to the revolutionary crisis; to defeat the forces of reaction, they found themselves

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