The Downfall of Our Guardians

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Screams fill the air as a missile fires at the unsuspecting Guardian. The bullet penetrates his side, as he lets out a loud cry. Everyone on the island is in shock, staring at our enormous, statue-like Guardian fall; our God has fallen…. Then, through the clouds of smoke appears another missile, fired at our second, sole-surviving Guardian, who was trying to help her husband. She, too, takes a bullet to her side and lets out a tremendous shriek and doubles over in an instant, shrinking from over a thousand feet tall of marble to what seems like a mere 300 feet, then to nothing more than rubble. Our beloved kingdom, Liberty, is under attack. Panic spreads through the streets. As I attempt to run off the island, I am only able to take one more glance backward, before the air thickens with acrid smoke and debris to the point that I almost become asphyxiated. Coughing and breathing extremely heavily, I continue to run as quickly as possible as visibility decreases. Meanwhile, the earth trembles and quakes beneath me from the constant pounding of bombs and missiles that are silencing screams and pleas for help. I try not to look around me, afraid of what I would witness and could never erase from my mind and from my heart. I then lose my balance from an explosion nearby, and my face hits the shell-ridden floor. Running on pure adrenaline and instincts, I regain my footing and continue to make a dash for the coastline, oblivious to the blood trickling down my face and hands. Upon

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