The Dramaturgical Theory ( Erving Goffman, Is Becoming More And More True As I Get Older

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What I’ve noticed is that the dramaturgical theory, derived from Erving Goffman, is becoming more and more true as I get older. We’re all given theoretical roles, based upon our DNA, that we are to preform for the rest of our lives. At younger ages, children were more likely to deviate from social regulation, but once they did they would immediately be corrected to the acceptable way things should be done. When I was a kid I was always told not to read out loud in a public places, not to interrupt conversations, not to call your parents by their first names, along with my high school teachers. I shouldn’t sleep on display beds at stores and I shouldn’t ask strangers for favors. It’s strongly frowned upon if I were to read playboy in public, females can’t use the mens bathroom, and females can’t dress masculine. If men are more in touch with their emotions, or are slightly feminine, then they are categorized as gay. I was told not to hold hands with another female unless I want someone to think I’m gay. At restaurants I was told I shouldn’t ask strangers to get me a refill, I shouldn’t eat with my hands, especially if I’m dressed nicely and I definitely shouldn’t ask someone to finish my food for me or ask for a bite of theirs. Random acts of kindness are considered against social norms, if you offer a random act of kindness people assume that you want something in return. At stores you must pay upfront, you can 't barter, give IOUs, request that it is given to you as a

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