The Dreamer Junot Diaz Summary

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This is about an essay titled The Dreamer by Junot Diaz. To sum it all up, it is about a boy telling the story of his mother as a child and the hardships she went through as a child. Can you imagine going up against your strict mother for an education all while trying to survive as a little girl in a third world country? This is a little girl's story of how she did it all. I am responding to it where abuse is a bigger problem and also how hard it can be to get an education. I feel that the essay relates to me because I have had hardships trying to do things as well. Since I am the older sibling in my family I always had a hard time getting out to do fun things, just as the young girl wanted to get out to learn.
I can relate this essay to me because when I was a young girl I always had to stay home and cook food for my little brother and I, help clean the house, make sure chores were done and help my brother with homework while my mom was at work since it was just us three living at our house. For example, when her mother gets angry at the child for wanting to go to the school house to learn, I would be in trouble for …show more content…

I instantly imagine everyone barefoot, no actual floors in the houses and take a long time to cook food. This young girl just wanted a simple education, and there could have been so many things to hold her down such as living in poverty, not having clean clothes, a place to shower but instead she fought through and still desired a basic education instead of letting all these things hold her down which I think is really inspirational because she kept going and even drank from a dirty puddle when she knew it would make her sick. She risked her mother getting in trouble and her own health just to get an

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