The Dreams Of Dreams And Dreams

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Prologue Everyone has dreams; it’s a known fact. Their dreams are goals in their lives; goals that people would really like to achieve. For example: little girls dream about being princesses and fairy tales. Little boys dream about being knights and rocket ships. Men and women dream about money, and the things they can buy with them, like homes and cars. For me, my dream is different. It may have been possible a few years ago. In fact: that’s what life was like, but that was before all of this happened, and the world changed for the worse. Oh, well. There’s no use in dwelling in the past. What’s done is done, and the human race can’t take it back. Not just yet, and not without a fight, anyway. Even though it is big, my dream is not just for me, it’s for my friends, and the people living in the building, even though they don’t realize it. Of course, that was a few years ago, before the average I.Q. went down, and people were relying on our captors to help us. My dream is the thought of escape, and freedom. Freedom from this building and freedom from the rulers who control everyone inside of it is my goal. It may be tough, and it might be hard to do, but it’s possible that my dream will come true. After all, anything’s been possible since I’ve got a plan… Part I (5:47:13 P.M.) (May 16) I’ve got a plan. That’s the thought that kept flickering through David Knighter’s head as he stared out the window, stared down below at the weed-choked yard. The yard ended where the

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