The Driving Of Car Cars

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“It’s all fun and games till someone gets hurt,” is something I have heard constantly ever since my hot wheel days. Now as I have grown into a young adult cars are something I eat, breath, and dream about cars. As I got older, I constantly am modifying and making sure my car is always clean as glass. I enjoy being around cars, there is always the jeopardies of being a car enthusiast are always being annoyingly cautious of cars, having constant money issues, and also getting into trouble.
First, one problem that is facing most car guys is that they are on top of the actions that happen near their car. Car guys are constantly cleaning their car. When passing by one there is a tendency of seeing them hold on to a microfiber towel and detailer spray to keep their cars clean. In my case, you will never seem without my Chemical Guy quick detailer in my hand, making sure my car shines as bright as it can possibly. Next, car guys always tend to park ridiculously. They will always take up more than one space just so that no one ever mess up their paint jobs. Even when parking on a sidewalk, they try to stay away from the curb so they don’t scratch the rims that they have. I have an issue with my car being too low and always either scraping the bottom of my car or even my rims. Finally, they always have a trend of giving people dirty looks. When they see someone or to get something close to their car they start to have a mini heart attack and rush as fast as they can to make sure the
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