The Drugs Relationship : Exploring Dynamic And Static Models

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In her article “The Drugs Relationship: Exploring Dynamic and Static Models,” Lesley Williams Reid examines the relationship between drugs and crime by looking at offenders’ environment. For example she surveyed 835 men in four different cities, which lead her to make her own theories which was that criminals had committed their first crime at an early age and drug users also started at an early age (Reid, 2001). The weakness in Reid article is that she based her research on male inmates in maximum security. This is a weakness because she is only focusing on one gender and one small population.
On the other hand the article “Predictors of drug use in prison among women convicted of violent crimes” by Danilo Baltieri a professor in sex offenders and, and crime and drugs based their research on women only. The researcher used the same method as Reid did because they both looked at the environment and the attachment to the parents. According to Baltieri, the common history for women was childhood sex abuse, poor schooling, family drug use, etc. These histories were mostly likely what lead these offenders’ to commit a crime because they may feel like no one cares for them and that there’s nothing in life. The strongest part of the article was that the author specifically said the crime women are most likely to commit are the planned out crimes. The reason being because planning makes it harder for them to get caught by the authorities. An example of a crime that a female will

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