The Dynamics Of Prosecuting Attorneys. Prosecuting Attorneys

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The Dynamics of Prosecuting Attorneys
Prosecuting attorneys have been enforcing law and order for many years, trying criminal cases while representing local, state, or federal governments. They interview witnesses and victims, look at police reports, and do legal research to plan prosecutions for cases. After the information is collected, it is used in court to present a case against the defendant. Most of the time cases are begun by reviewing police reports and conducting research. To be able to be successful in this field you have to know how to conduct research and be excellent at problem solving. (“Prosecuting”).
Before getting into the dynamics of a prosecuting attorney, the history of this career is important and should be told. …show more content…

There are some barriers before starting law school. Before you are accepted into the law school of your choosing you must pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). To become a prosecutor, you have to earn a bachelor’s degree and a Juris Doctor Degree. After finishing law school, you have to pass the states bar exam. Passing the bar exam is the only way to get a license to practice.
Potential prosecutors should focus on criminal law while earning their degree. Criminal law is a system of law that is devoted to the punishment of people who commit crimes. “In general, Criminal law asks and answers three questions: 1. Did an individual commit a crime? 2. Which crime did an individual commit? 3. Does the individual have a defense?” The way each state prosecutes criminals is different because each state has its own criminal code. Which means each state decides what punishment is appropriate for each crime. Criminal codes vary greatly among state and federal government. Some statues resemble the common law criminal code, but others, like the New York Penal Law, almost mimic the Model Penal Code (MPC). Common law is when law is taken from judicial decisions instead of from written law. Model Penal Law was influential work that played a very important part in the revision and process of arranging laws.
Prosecuting attorney have one of the toughest careers. In court they represent

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