The Earthquake Of India, China, Bangladesh, And Bhutan

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On April 25, 2015 the country of Nepal and the surrounding countries of India, China, Bangladesh, and Bhutan experienced an earthquake with the magnitude of 7.8 (Kumar). The earthquake triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest killing nineteen people. Another avalanche was triggered in Langtang Valley a reported two hundred and fifty people are missing. Aftershocks continued well there after one reaching as high as 6.7. The death toll has not reached well over 7,250 (Kumar). The number of injured is 14,122. The UN estimates well over three million people need food and other assistance. Thousands of people have fled the areas especially around Kathmandu fearing aftershocks or trying to get to family member 's homes in remote areas. At one point Nepal was one of the least urbanized countries in the world (NORMAN). They are now accelerating in the world of urbanization. Kathmandu and a few other neighboring cities many of buildings are somewhat structurally sound, the buildings are usually pagoda style and shikhara style (NORMAN). Many of the new buildings are well maintained, the older residential buildings and smaller temples have fallen into despair (NORMAN). Rural architecture is very plain, they are one or two stories. The houses are made of mud brick and a thatched roof. Village houses are located near river valleys or along ridge tops The first challenge that an Emergency Manager would face is dealing with all of the massive media coverage. Coverage that is being feed

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