The Economic Activities Of Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia is one of the great countries that has invested so much in all sectors of the economy in the Middle East looking at how this country has been of interest of many explorers and travellers for many centuries with its exotic tastes, smells, people and customs. After getting attention of the audience it would be wise not to deep into details as Saudi Arabians don’t like long speech instead they prefer chitchat before deals can be concluded. Next would be like. Looking at the main economic activities of Saudi Arabia of oil exploration it would be nice that we can find the most efficient way of extracting oil from the ground as you know the whole is thirst of oil as it is the driving force for all the economics around the world. The more efficient way of extracting the more forex for the country which in turn can be used in other areas of the economy. Here as a speaker am trying to persuade them into believing that they are other better ways of extracting oil as it would reduce cost in the long run. Here am presenting my idea which I would love the Saudis to buy. We have the latest technology which does not require a lot of energy and time to identify and measure how much oil is remaining in the ground. Since Saudis pray five times in a day it means that my speech should be short as possible. With these few remarks, I wish you all the best as we forge together for a better oil with the latest technology on the market. Below are some of the things to consider
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