The Ecosystem Of An Ecosystem

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An ecosystem is a natural unit, which consists of all living organisms in a specific area, in addition to the physical components among which organisms interact with (Reece, Taylor, Simon, & Dickey, 2011). An ecosystem provides beneficial services that help exhibit the interdependence between human lives and nature. The procedure of the ecosystem results in products that we need and use every day. By allowing the ecosystem to naturally advance, humans can gain great advantages for their daily lives (Goldman, 2010). Because the ecosystem is such a vital part of human lives, it is our obligation to maintain and protect it in any which way possible. By properly maintaining our environment, we can truly enjoy and appreciate the beautiful world we live in. Not only does the ecosystem provide many essential goods for our society, but it also performs services that without, human civilization would cease to flourish. Goldman (2010) presents various examples of these fundamental services, such as, water and air purification, water retention, regeneration of soil fertility, and detoxification and decomposition of wastes. These arrays of services provided for our world are extremely essential to our current and future civilization and environment. Because these benefits cannot be traded in economic markets, they are considered priceless and critically need monitoring so they continue to last for generations and produce sustainable development. Not even technology can take over
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