The Edinburgh Tram System - Failures

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What is project management ‘Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements’ (Project Management Institute, 2009, p12). Once a project has been approved a project manager is assigned to the project, and ‘is expected to integrate all aspects of the project, ensure that the proper knowledge and resources are available when they are needed, and ensure that the results are produced in a timely, cost-effective manner’ (Meredith and Mantel, 2010, p5). In order to allow this to happen there are several key aspects of a project which need to be carefully thought out and controlled. The scope of a project is ‘the work content and products or component of…show more content…
Indeed, the Edinburgh City Council could have done more to provide better communication between its contractors as this would have diverted a lot of the miscommunication which led to the eventual delays in the project. It could also be said that it should have been the City Council’s responsibility to manage the contract more tightly and have constructive discussions with the contractors so as to minimalize the risk of parties becoming unaware of one another’s objectives towards the project plan. The contractual disputes between the stakeholders and lack of financial resources, led to delays in the project. TIE admitted that “scheduling timetables, dating from April 2008, were merely "indicative" and now "obsolete" (Scotsman 2010). This admission by TIE gives a clearer indication as to the poor revision and updating of the project’s schedule which should continuously be controlled when managing the time of a project. In March 2010, Bilfinger Berger announced that the construction work would be delayed by a further 30 months, with an estimated completion date in 2014. This estimate was disputed by the Council, which claimed a completion date in 2012 was still feasible (BBCNews 2010). However the construction for the Edinburgh trams are still going underway and are yet to be completed. To summarise, the time, cost and project communications management elements from the PMBOK were chosen to focus the

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