Case Study The Chunnel Project Final

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Table of Contents
1. Executive summary 2
2. Project Appraisal 3
Project initiation 3
Stakeholder and communication management 4
Change/Control Management 5
Risk management 6
Contract 7
Others 7
Works Cited 9

1. Executive summary

The Chunnel Tunnel project was initiated to connect via a tunnel France and England. It was among the biggest privately funded infrastructure projects ever. Fifty kilometres long, the tunnel extended under the English Channel from France to England. It required the collaboration of two very different government entities, with very different policies. The tunnel was designed and built by Trans Manche Link a private group and financed by Eurotunnel a combination of French and British …show more content…

It can be a difficult task if the key stakeholders have not been informed earlier in the life cycle.
It is clear to see that throughout the project the tasks and progress were monitored very closely. The project is heavily dependent on the resources provided by its shareholders and in turn they rely on regular updates to reassure them on their investment. In the construction and building industry the methods and application of project management tools are very reliable and well tested. Therefore, it could benefit the project if the it was managed with detailed and defined practises and also follow standards set and agreed upon on a international level.
Was the project scope defined clearly at early stage? Identify one major scope change throughout the project life and discuss the effects of scope changes on project performance?
Since the early stages, the project was inundated with concerns and issues with the project scope. From the perspective of project management, the initial scope was not defined well enough. Details of the design were over looked and aspects such as the details of the air conditioning ended up increasing the original scope by $200 million. This supposedly led a prosperous project to an uncertain economic ordeal. Initial estimates of the project had been $5.5 billion and by the time of its actual completion it been delayed by a year and increased to $15

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