The Editing Process of To Have and Have Not Essay

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The editing process of a movie is a very important part in which a film editor can proudly show his creative abilities. A lot work and effort goes into editing a film. Film editors can edit out a scene from a movie that they did not like. They can also shoot two scenes separately and then edit it together to make it seem as if it was shot together. The film editor works with many parts to make a finished movie; such as, sound, images and characters’ dialogs. Editing can be used in many different ways in a film and a film editor must edit all these aspects in a way that produces a coherent and smooth transition of the story. The sequence of “To Have and Have Not” begins with a medium shot of people sitting in a cafe then …show more content…

As he tries again, she gets up and walks to the piano. The shot then cuts to her leaning on the piano then cuts to the jazz pianist as he tells her to sing. She starts singing in the same shot and then she glances across the room. The shot cuts to Bogart and we know that she was looking at him because Hawks used eyeline match to make it clear. The shot then cuts back to Bacall who is still singing near the piano then it cuts back to the jazz pianist as they finish the song. The next shot is of the jazz pianist and Bacall; however, they are shot from a different angle and in a long shot rather than in a medium shot as it was earlier. In the same shot, the man who Bacall was sitting with earlier approaches and speaks to her, soon after they finish he leaves. The shot then cuts to man who is making his way through the crowd to Bogart’s table. He then sits with Bogart and speaks to him briefly and then leaves. The shot then cuts back across the room where Bacall picks something up off the floor and hides it, then she waves goodbye to the jazz pianist. The shot after that cuts to her as she makes her way through the crowd. As she is walking out, she glances to Bogart. We know that she was looking at him because the next shot cuts to him glancing back. He starts following her out of the cafe still in the same shot. Then it cuts to a shot of Bacall in the hotel hallway as she tries to open the door to her room. In the same shot, Bogart enters the hallway and walks up

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