The Education Crisis in America Essay examples

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The education crisis in America has been overlooked and ignored for far too long. Recognizing that young people are the future of our country should be priority and an initiative by the government. By providing the help that students and teachers need to be successful in the classroom, we eliminate all excuses for not finding success outside of the classroom. If the government gave more funding to public and state school systems, enforce reward systems for teachers who excel at their job, also create more education options for students; the country would see an increase of interest in high school and continuing that education further. Teachers are some of the most important people in our school system. Majority of teachers in this …show more content…

For those students that do not have any plans to go to college but want a skilled job or enjoy physical labor, options should be made available. In order for our society to continue to grow and be successful these programs must be put in place. “The future of education must include programs and learning opportunities that cultivate and support success for all students, and, to reach this important target, new levels of learning and performance will be required at both the individual and organizational levels” (Harsh, 16). Programs such as cosmetology and agricultural programs make options more available so that students who do not want to go to college can succeed without doing that. Adding such as examples like these can make school more exciting for students who want other options post high school graduation.
Many people believe that funding is an issue for higher education as well in our high schools. Since the majority of school teachers are under appreciated it also means most are under paid. “If we were serious about change, we would raise teachers’ salaries to levels that would attract the best young professionals in our society” (Barber 122). The average high school student going into college is not going so they can get a teaching degree when the wages are not there to support a family on. Many school systems lately have been switching to “performance based” funding. Meaning that those schools which perform well get more money. However, “some states have

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