The Education Process Of Elementary School Students

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Knights Interactive Systems Present: Project Presented by: Nick Leyva

1.1 Project Summary
The goal of this project is to help advance the education process of elementary school students. A lot of schools have adapted to the use of interactive white boards (IWBs). And while these IWBs do a good job bringing interactivity to the classroom, our product, the KiD-35 takes interactivity to the next level! The KiD-35 is a state of the art interactive desk that every student will be able to use during class. The teacher of the class controls the desk’s software so that the students will be focused on the task at hand. I believe that at the young age of the students and the interactivity aspects of this desk will be
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• The transition for teachers is also made quite easily by introductory demos provided with the desks when they are delivered. If a teacher can operate a smart phone, they will be able to use the KiD-35.

1.3 Project Analysis
We believe IWB’s were a very good step in interactive education. However, they have many flaws that the KiD-35 will approve upon.
• Traditional IWB’s have need the child to get out of their seat in class to interact with the board, not every student gets the some amount of interaction with the board. (Deubel, 2010)
• Many teachers using the IWB’s do not change the method in which they use the board. So if the assignments seem repetitive, students lose interest.
• In our target market, many traditional IWB’s are too large for elementary school students to use. [See photo below.]
• Some children are just plain shy and do not want to come in front of the class to work in front of their classmates. (Interactive White Board, n.d.)
Here is how the KiD-35 counteracts the flaws of the IWB’s:
• The KiD-35 will be accessible by every child in the class; all of the students receive the same amount of interaction time with the desks.
• Teachers will have access to thousands of applications to always keep the learning environment fresh.
• The KiD-35’s are specifically designed for our target demographic, which makes them much more usable than larger IWB’s.
• The ability to have a message like “Great Job!” or “Good Work” after a correct answer is given can
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