The Education System Of The Public School System

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Teachers are an absolute necessity in today’s education system. For approximately fifteen years, children are under the heavy influence of their teachers. The example set by those in authority will have an impact on students regardless of what they may claim. While many Christian children are blessed with the opportunity to attend a Christian school, the public school system is full of hopeless, unloved, and unsaved children waiting to hear the truth. Christians have an obligation to reach out to these children and help them see the love of Christ. However, Christian teachers are not permitted to boldly proclaim the gospel to their students. They must employ more discreet methods to show students God’s love. Yet, some do not feel that Christians have any place in the public school system. Some would be surprised that a Church Music major would have a place or even be qualified to teach in a public school. With my major being Church Music, I am qualified and have a unique opportunity to minster to students musically in the public schools. Music opens up a door that other teachers may not ever have. I believe that Christian teachers can demonstrate Christ’s love to public school students effectively through musical education. While working in an environment where Christianity is not tolerated is never easy, God has not called us to do the easy thing. Many Church Music majors will mainly be working through a church. But also at the same time, it possible to be employed in the

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