The Education System Of The United States

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Recent surveys and articles state that "Over 30% of kids in the United States never finish high school. For minority kids, it 's over 50%."1. The public education system in the United States seems to be failing to meet the needs of the children and thus affecting their future outcomes. The average quality of education in Elementary, Middle and High school that a child deserves, is far from superior. Given the growing competition in the world it is imperative to provide a solid educational foundation especially in the field of Math, Science and Reading.
Being originally born and brought up in India, I believe I know the importance and value that a good education provides. Laying an early foundation in children is extremely essential for their success and continued ability to learn better and strive harder. For example, the education system in India and many parts of Asia is so competitive that parents are always looking for additional avenues to help their child learn and be successful. After-school tutoring begins there at a very early age. The schools play an active role in educating the children based on the curriculum and after-school tutoring reinforce the topics covered in school. Tutoring also reassures the parents that the child is capable of doing good and getting excellent grades. Emphasis on a strong foundation starts at an early age with the basics like alphabets and numbers. Children work at a far more advanced pace and progress rapidly with much more difficult

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