The Education System Of The United States Essay

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“Brian, why do you go to school?” I asked a first grade student at Coates Elementary School. Brian replied, “My parents make me go.” This response is common among students in the education system because teachers lack the flexibility in the classroom since they must teach to the test. I believe the education system in the United States should cater toward students’ needs rather than teaching to the test. The purpose of schooling in the United States is to prepare future generations for either college or a career. Students who attend public schools will obtain twenty-first century skills that will allow them to compete when applying for college and future careers. In order to reach this goal, the nation adopted the Common Core, which “determine[s] what is taught in classes K-12. The goal of Common Core Standards is to prepare students for work or college” (Spring, 2016, p. 7). Although this is the purpose and current goal of American education, not all students have equal opportunities due to poverty. If schools are located in areas of poverty they have fewer resources and less opportunity than a school in middle class suburbia. According to Joel Spring writer of American Education (2016), education must provide a “means for bringing people and their ideas and beliefs together” (p. 34). Schools should be a place where all students and staff are united, but in Title I schools teachers and students struggle because of lack of resources. If all students had the same education

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