The Educational Evolution Of Education Essay

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As a futurist, reflecting on the erstwhile memories and understanding the realities of the present, to me are my tools to shape up the future. Education over the years has gone a notch higher and eminent in our present world. The educational evolution dating from 50 years back in time up till now, has impacted the strength we possess as a nation, a continent and the world at large. Backtracking the evolution to 50 years ago dates back to the 1960’s. Education at that period in time was tough and seen as the luxury of the rich. There were struggles among people to get education, experiences and skills; for some, it was a spiky road to tread on. Notwithstanding, it is certain that the educational system has evolved, but not at its zenith yet. Today, we can boost of sophisticated teaching methodologies, highly trained teachers, excellent school facilities, state-of-the-art curricula, digitized classrooms and much more. But yet, it is unarguable that there are still issues infiltrating the present system. Howbeit, molding the future requires us reshaping the now. It gladdens the heart that education has been inked in on the list of priorities of some nation which streamlines with my perspective of the future. Ensuring the continual existence of the human race, requires that the known knowledge is passed on. Uninterrupted inflow of information is needed. As mentioned previously, empowering the now with the right information is the key to the foreseen future. In spite of the

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