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  • Unesco World Heritage

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    UNESCO World Heritage World heritage sites are significant to learn our history due to the fact that they give a specific foundation for ideas and authenticate them (“Cultural). World Heritage Site is a site that is listed by UNESCO to be a special cultural or bodily importance (“World Heritage site). From 1972, UNESCO took ‘Convention concerning the Protection of the World’s Cultural and Natural Heritage,’ and it inherited in 1976 (“Introduction). The earliest list, which is listed in 1976, contains

  • Unesco And The World Heritage List

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    UNESCO and the World Heritage List After the devastation created by World War I, and II, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) was founded in 1945. This organization was created as a way to establish peace, based on humanity’s intellectual and moral solidarity. Then in 1972, UNESCO founded the World Heritage Convention as a way to protect sites of exceptional worldwide importance (UNESCO, 2012). This convention was later ratified by 191 countries, making it

  • What it Takes for a Site to be Inscribe on the UNESCO World Heritage List

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    The process required for a site to be inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List is long and complicated. It has four main steps, each of which are a process in themselves: placement on a tentative list, submission of a nomination file, evaluation by an Advisory Body, and a final decision by the World Heritage Committee. The entire process usually takes about a year and a half, but can vary depending of the time taken for each step (World Heritage Ireland, 2010). In order to submit sites to

  • The Nomination Process For A Site

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    The nomination process for a site to be considered on the World Heritage List is comprised of five steps, which include the tentative list, nomination file, advisory bodies, World Heritage Committee, and criteria for selection. The tentative list is where a country makes an inventory of all cultural and natural heritages within the site 's boundaries. This tentative list may be submitted for inscription for the next five to ten years, and can be updated at any time. This step needs to take place

  • Cultural Heritage Protection During Armed Conflict

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    Introduction The destruction of cultural heritage during armed conflict has become the forefront issue within the international discourse on its legal protection in the last several decades. Many scholars and professionals have contributed to the development of international legal instruments concerning cultural heritage protection. This thesis analyzes the existing international legal instruments to demonstrate their practical application, or lack there of, in recent armed conflict situations vis-à-vis

  • Rome's Construction Of The Amphitheater

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    Amphitheater. Rome’s construction of the amphitheater, began in the Second century AD (Figure 3; Matova and Aliaj, 2006:280; Ponce de Leon, 2013:3; UNESCO, 2004:34. The arena and Roman baths built during this period were centrally located within the city (Bowes and Mitchell, 2009:571; Bowes et al., 2003:382; Karaiskaj, 2004:13; UNESCO, 2004:34). Local topography played a part in deciding where the stadium would be built. Roman engineers made use of a hillside on the northern part of the arena

  • Preserving Manovo-Gounda St Floris National Park Essay examples

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    Preserving Manovo-Gounda St Floris National Park Introduction to Life Science (Axia) SCI/230 The threat to Manovo-Gounda St floris National Park is overwhelming and should be of great concern. Manovo-Gounda St floris National Park was designated as a World heritage Park because of its unique natural formations and its endangered species. For this reason special attention should be made to help save and preserve the forest and the wild life that resides on the

  • Women And Girls 's Rights

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    Title - Women and girls fight for their right to education in Afghanistan Background and Rationale The topic that I have chosen for my dissertation is women and girls educational rights in Afghanistan. The topic’s focus derives from the abandoning of female rights in Afghanistan due to the political significance of the war against the Taliban in 2001. Decades of conflict in Afghanistan, under the Taliban regime destroyed the educational system and female rights. The Taliban are a group of fundamentalist

  • The Special Features Of The Independence Hall

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    The special features of the Independence Hall widely vary. In this exact building, on the 4th of July 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed and soon after the Constitution of The United States was drafted, debated and signed. Representatives from the 13 colonies were present, and it is widely agreed that this building is the birthplace of the United States of America. The building itself has significantly changed over its 260 year existence. The most notable changes have been in the 1830s

  • The Ancient Lines That Withstand Time

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    The Ancient Lines That Withstand Time The ancient civilization of Nazca is long disappeared and has granted one of the most significant legacies of ancient Peruvian culture. The Nazca has not only etched their mark into the surface of the Nazca Desert but they left a mark that continues to intrigue scientists and modern society in the present day. Actually, the Nazca left behind thousands of marks in the forms of various shapes, designs, mythological creatures, and a variety of intricate geometric