The Effect Of Activated Yeast On Hydrogen Peroxide

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The Effect Of Activated Yeast on Hydrogen Peroxide
Kashish Pandey
Lekha Pillarisetti, Ruth Rauca, Jason Tran
Period 1; 21 October 2015


The topic of this lab is on biochemistry.This experiment was conducted to show how cells prevent the build of hydrogen peroxide in tissues. My group consisted of Lekha, Ruth, and Jason. There were used two different concentrations of hydrogen peroxide through this experiment , 1.5% and 3%. By testing two different types it is easier to understand how the H2O2 and catalase react with one another. To do this both the yeast, which was our catalase, and H2O2 were mixed together in a beaker. Each concentration was tested out twice for more accurate results . 1.5% concentrated H2O2 had an average reaction rate of 10.5 seconds while 3% concentrated H2O2 had an average reaction rate of 7.5 seconds. From this experiment we learned that by increasing the concentration of H2O2 and chemically combining it with a catalase it will speed up the reaction. Enzymes speed up chemical reactions . The independent variable in this experiment was the concentration of the H2O2. Some key vocabulary words are Catalase, enzyme, hydrogen peroxide ( H2O2), and concentration.


The purpose of this experiment was to determine how the body prevents the build up of H2O2 in tissues. During the process of cellular respiration Carbon Dioxide and water are produced but occasionally Hydrogen Peroxide is formed as an

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