The Effect Of `` Black America `` By Dr. Cornel West

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The effect of nihilism in Black America is clearly paralleled with the nihilistic mentality of Black Americans in the prison system as seen in the movie “Thug Life in DC.” According to Dr. Cornel West’s 1993 article of nihilism in Black America, nihilism is not a new struggle in the Black community. Dr. Cornel West described nihilism as “the lived experience of coping with a life of horrifying meaninglessness, hopelessness and (most important) lovelessness” (West). This is seen in various moments throughout the film whether from Aundrey Bruno, the wardens, or Kevin Bruno. Nihilism, in the movie “Thug Life in D.C.,” plays a role in the mentality of the inmates who have always had to struggle with their misfortunate upbringing. As witnessed from the behaviors of Aundrey Bruno and the other inmates, the absence of money, opportunities, support, and food equate to a high level of depression and frustration. Nihilism leads to the destruction of the individual (suicide or hopelessness) and their surroundings (homicides, robberies, and assaults). This is seen seven minutes into the film where the majority of the Black inmates were charged for murder, and only two for armed robbery. One of the inmates justifies his situation as being a product of his environment. He explained that due to being made fun of, being on welfare, his mother being on crack, and growing up rough, he had no other options than to result to criminal activity to feed himself. One of the other inmates

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