The Effect Of Heat Transmission On The Heat

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Heat transmission is the process through which heat is transferred in swap of thermal energy that exists between the physical systems, depending on the pressure and temperature by dissipating heat. The essential modes of transferring the heat are convection, conduction or diffusion and radiation. Heat is transferred from region of high temperature to low temperature region.

1.0 Heat transfer

The various modes of heat transfer are as follows:
1.1 Conduction: Conduction mode of heat transfer is the process in which transfer of energy is taken place between the objects that are having the physical existence. In this process heat is spreads through a matter when faster molecules and atoms run over with the slower neighboring atoms and molecules. Faster atoms and molecule can transfer their little energy known as kinetic energy to the slower ones. Conduction is also known as diffusion.
1.2 Convection Convection is also a fundamental mode of transferring the heat. In this process heat is transferred from one place to another through the movement of fluids. Fluids are those substance which are not having any fixed shape. These substances include liquid and gas state of matter. (, 2015)
1.3 Radiation In the previous forms of heat transfer modes heat is transferred from one place to another or from one substance to another. But in radiation electromagnetic waves are involved in the transfer of heats. In this process no particular substance or
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