The Effect Of Inorganic Nitrogen On The Photosynthetic Activity Of Egeria Densa

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Effect of inorganic carbon availability, using varying concentrations of bicarbonate treatments, on the photosynthetic activity of Egeria densa
Yuchen Hou, 1, Ali Hasan, 1 Ira Sharma 1
1Dept. of Biological Sciences, University of Toronto Scarborough, Toronto, Canada
PRA0042 TA: Larissa Becirovic
Abstract: Photosynthesis, the conversion of inorganic carbon into organic glucose molecules using light energy, is one of the most biologically important processes on Earth. It is imperative to study how the rapidly increasing carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution may affect photosynthesis of photoautotrophs. In this experiment, a look is taken at the question: does inorganic carbon availability affect photosynthetic activity. This experiment uses bicarbonate as the inorganic carbon source, and analyzes how varying concentrations of bicarbonate may affect the photosynthetic activity of the South American aquatic plant Egeria densa (also known as Elodea densa) by measuring its O2 production in distilled water and 0.1%, 0.4%, 0.6%, 0.8%, and 1.0% sodium bicarbonate solutions. T-tests between the control (distilled water) and each bicarbonate treatment are conducted using the online program GraphPad. All tests results in a p-value greater than 0.05 and a calculated t-value greater than the critical t-value, thus rejecting the null hypothesis, indicating that inorganic

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