The Effect Of Organizational Effectiveness : Management Functions Within Alabama Football

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Organizational Effectiveness: Management Functions within Alabama Football Organizations are both unique and diverse as a result of their ability to be complex, simple, large, small, intricate, or simple in nature. A local non-profit group qualifies as an organization, in the same manner as The Walt Disney Corporation. Introduction: Discuss and define organizations (attributes, properties, processes, environmental influences, etc.)
The University of Alabama has a vast athletic department with over forty departments that consist of hundreds of employees. Each individual sport has a department designated specifically to meet their needs, consisting of coaches, administrators, and office personnel. The sports with their own department …show more content…

Since their inaugural season, Alabama has become one of the most dominant and decorated football programs in the United States. The organization currently claims 16 national championships, five being in the pre-poll era and the other 11 coming from wire-service, also known as the Associated Press and Coaches poll. Alabama’s football program has amassed 889 victories, 30 conference championships, and appeared in a NCAA-record 64 bowl games. The organization also holds two more NCAA-records of most ten-win seasons—34, and most bowl victories—37. Alabama also claims a winning record against every university currently associated with the Southeastern Conference ("Alabama Media Guide: National Team Champions,” 2017).
Alabama’s football program has experienced major success in multiple eras, most notably in the years 1958-1982 and again from 2007-present day. The first of these two dynasties was brought on with the hiring of Paul “Bear” Bryant who went on to lead the program to six national championships and 13 Southeastern Conference championships. A current dynasty also exists in Tuscaloosa, AL, following the introduction of Nick Saban as Alabama’s head football coach in 2007. Nick Saban brought in a winning dynamic to a program in desperate need of a culture change and has transformed the organizational structure of Alabama football forever. Saban’s approach to

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