The Effect Of Pesticides On Honeybee Health

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With concerns about a falling honeybee population, some homeowners are worried that mosquito control measures will also harm pollinators. In a study by the Department of Entomology at Louisiana State University, researchers found that mosquito control has minimal effects on honeybee health. As long as pesticides are used properly, pollinators will not be affected.

Beekeepers and Scientists Join Forces

For the study, local beekeepers worked with researchers at Louisiana University and the United States Department of Agriculture. Parts of the study were conducted in the field and in the laboratory. Researchers used the insecticides commonly used against mosquitoes to find out what level of the insecticides would become toxic. Field tests were done through a truck spraying fields with mosquito repellent. Cages of bees and mosquitoes were placed in the fields at different distances to see the effect.
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Mortality rates for bees in unsprayed and sprayed areas remained the same. As a result, researchers concluded that mosquito control measures had a very minimal effect on pollinators.…show more content…
While mosquitoes come out in the evening, bees tend to stay within their hives at night. This ensures that the right insects are killed, and bees are unaffected. The cooler temperature of the evening also ensures that the pesticide stays near the ground where it will have the highest effect. Once the pesticide is sprayed, it has all night to decompose before pollinators begin to fly again.

Other ways to protect pollinators
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