The Effect Of Salt Intake On Hypertensive Vs. Individuals

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Effect of Salt intake on Hypertensive vs. Normotensive Individuals

Syed Muhammad Raza Zaidi, B.Sc., MD Candidate

Medical University of Americas

Syed Zaidi
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Mississauga, ON
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Mentor: Dr. Vivek Joshi

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Decreasing salt intake by hypertensive patients can significantly decrease the MAP (Mean Arterial Pressure) and bring it in the normal range, thus, this strategy can be used to effectively manage hypertension in mild to moderate hypertensive patients.
Table of Contents:

Ultramini Abstract 3
Abstract 3
Introduction 4
Methods 5
Results 6
Discussion 12
Conclusion 17
Appendix 18
References 22

Ultramini Abstract
This report is a compilation and analysis of the current and latest literature to verify the harms of sodium intake and to develop ways to mitigate the harms and improve health in societies and the people most at risk. The results indicate that changing diets and reducing sodium intake can effectively help manage hypertension and related complications.


Hypertension is one of the leading causes of mortality in the developed world. It is integral to explore the different causes of hypertension, especially high sodium diets, and its management to decrease the morbidity

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