The Effect Of Solar Energy On The Earth 's Surface Essay

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INTRODUCTION Smil (1991) states global warming, which is the increased temperature of the earth’s surface is mainly caused due to CO_2 emissions. Productive use of non-conventional energy sources especially solar energy decreases global warming. Sun releases a huge amount of electromagnetic radiation to its surroundings. Solar energy at the upper portion of the atmosphere of the earth is 174*〖10〗^15.this energy, when arrived at the surface of the earth, has been attenuated twice by the atmosphere and the clouds. In the solar energy, which is attenuated by atmosphere, 6% of the attenuation is by reflection, 16% by absorption. In the solar energy, which is attenuated by the atmosphere, 20% attenuation is by reflection and 3% by absorption. The remaining 51% of the total incoming solar radiation reaches the oceans and the lands. Though a huge amount of solar energy is attenuated, the amount of energy, which is available on earth is also huge, but it has low-intermittency and low-density, so it is to be collected and stored efficiently. Solar thermal connectors are kernel substance in solar thermal applications. Solar thermal collectors should have high heating absorbing capacity which implies good optical performance. Kalogirou (2004) reviewed several different type of solar thermal collectors that were commonly used. There are different types of solar connectors: Non concentrating collectors, concentrating collectors. SOLAR COLLECTORS Solar collectors are the special

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