The Effect Of Thyroidism On The Nervous System

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Hypothyroidism is a complex thyroid disorder characterized by the production of thyroid hormones below normal levels, which commonly leads to the development of a broad spectrum of clinical signs and symptoms [1]. Thyroid hormones play an important role in the development and growth of organs and tissues and are essential to maintain quality of life. In addition, these hormones guarantee metabolic demands that interfere with the adjustment of flows and with the quality of digestive secretions, including those of the salivary glands [2].
Alterations in salivary gland morphology have been the subjects of many studies [4-9], which have shown that hypofunction of the salivary gland follows structural atrophy. On the other hand, the effect of hypothyroidism on the salivary glands has been little reported [1,10,11], with emphasis on salivary gland atrophy [2].
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According to Emmelin, Garrett & Ohlin (1974), myoepithelial cells accelerate salivary flow, reduce the luminal volume and contribute to the secretory pressure. Since they are well differentiated, it was believed in the past that myoepithelial cells have a low proliferative capacity [12]. However, today it is known that myoepithelial cells can proliferate and are involved in tumorigenesis [13,14]. Furthermore, studies investigating myoepithelial cells of the salivary glands have demonstrated the proliferative capacity of these cells even under adverse conditions
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