The Effect On Orca Whales

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The effect on orca whales being held in captivity is not the greatest, and the history between humans and the whales that are held in captivity is also not very good. It is a subject that many scientists are working together to learn about. Even though the orcas help to educate kids by doing live shows and by helping the kids understand that they need to save the orca whales that are endangered, orcas should not be held in captivity because many accidents have happened between humans and the captive orcas and it is not good for their health. Another name for the orca whales is the scientific name, “orcinus orca”, or the name that you probably hear most often which is “killer whale”. These killer whales have been known for attacking humans, …show more content…

Some killer whales also develop infections and the whales are not healthy because they are not fed a healthy diet like they would eat in the ocean.
Captive orcinus orcas live in a relatively small space compared to their natural habitat. An orca would have to swim back and forth in it’s tank many times each day to equal the amount of miles it would swim in the ocean daily. Due to all the problems with killer whales being held in captivity, the whales experience a much shorter lifespan in captivity compared to their lifespan in the wild. Also all whales that have been held in captivity cannot be released back into their natural habitat because they may not be able to find their pod and they will not have the skills needed to survive.
Although there are many problems, there are also many solutions to save the killer whales that are being held captive.The death of the female trainer at SeaWorld in 2010 caused by Tilikum dragging her into the pool by her ponytail and torturing her caused a lot of controversy. That is when SeaWorld announced that the trainers would no longer interact with the orcas in the water during live Shamu shows. Although the trainers would no longer interact they would still continue doing the live shows. SeaWorld decided to put a wall between the trainers and the massive whales so that they can feed them without being put at a risk to be in danger. This action was the start of making SeaWorld a better place and the start to many other solutions that

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