The Effectiveness Of Nazi Propaganda

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Maryann Ritter Dr. Megan Sethi HIS 241: World War Two 28 June 2015 The effectiveness of Nazi Propaganda There have been many varied opinions on the effectiveness of the Nazi propaganda used by Hitler and his teams of propaganda writers throughout World War II. His popularity was astounding with the German masses and grew into a frenzied state quickly. Hitler’s rise of his image was built on a fairly new manner of technology allowing more exposure to the people. This paper will examine the exponents of this new image building phenomena and prove its use built the man into a myth of sorts. The effectiveness of Nazi propaganda was greater than anyone could have anticipated because Hitler 's regime constructed a "language of the people" using logical fallacies to win the hearts and minds of the German populace. In Hitler 's speeches he would state three or four bullet points that the average citizen knew to be true, then couple those bullet points with his own agenda. His lies, therefore, became truthful by association. Introduction World War II was a most horrific loss of human life and the technical advances since the first World War I seemed to push those numbers to the limits. If we want to look at the causes of the Second World War, we must look to the First World War and what were the remainders of limitations placed. Germany’s economy was drained following WWI, to recover it increased the social spending and tried to create projects of transportation and

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