The Effects And Effects Of Eutrophication

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Eutrophication refers to the effects and involvement of the varied nutrients in aquatic systems. It is defined as the enrichment of water by nutrients, primarily nitrogen and phosphorus, which causes an increase in the rate of supply of organic matter to an ecosystem. This increase in organic matter hastens and accelerates the growth of algae and other forms of plant life. Most of these algae and plant life produces detrimental damage and disturbance to the ecosystem present in the water and the overall water quality (Andersen, Schlüter, Ærtebjerg, 2006). The process of eutrophication commonly happens over a long period of time, but human activities have accelerated the rate and degree of eutrophication of rivers and lakes which causes an excess nitrogen and phosphorus in the water quality (Chislock, Doster, Zitomer, & Wilson, 2013).
Eutrophication affects the biological and chemical states of water, which causes reservoirs to exceed standard levels which affects aquatic ecosystems. Some of the factors that are affected by eutrophication are increased pH, depletion of …show more content…

Therefore, this study will aid in the characterization of the bay and provide supplementary information as to what type of benthic algae thrives in the bay.
Excessive supply of nutrients tend to cause overgrowth phytoplankton and algae. This results to death of other organisms (fish, crustaceans, molluscs, etc.), slow growth rates of fishes and other organisms (Morris, et al., 1989), decrease net photosynthesis of attached algae (Schindler, 1988) and death of the aquatic ecosystem. All of which are caused by the high production of algal toxins and excessive respiration.
Effect of Algal

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