The Effects Of Abortion On The Mother

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Colette Palmquist
Ms. Johnson
English 121

Let Them Choose The article “About Abortion” states the causes and effects of abortion and reports the psychological effects that abortion has on the mother. The article says that women who choose to abort their child usually do so for a number of reasons, among them being they are too young and immature, not financially able to support a child, or simply don’t have time for one. “Women have an abortion for numerous reasons. Most abortions are a result of an unwanted pregnancy” (About 2). While the article states understandable reasons for an abortion, it also delves into the ever-lasting psychological affects that these young women go through after an abortion. One woman recalls: “‘I went through, and still go though, severe mental problems.. hating myself, grieving and wanting to escape from the whole situation… the abortion precipitated years of drug and alcohol abuse, an eating disorder and eventually serious clinical depression’” (About 4). The article states that women aren’t usually told or even warned about the potential mental side affects of undergoing an abortion. I am against abortion because it’s giving up on a life, there are major psychological ramifications, and there are viable alternatives, however, it ultimately should be the women’s decision. No two abortion cases are the same, women should have the right to the control of their bodies, and it should be a private matter, not something for

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